About Us

Who are we? Film and content production company for a variety of media platforms: Cinema, Television, Museums, Visitor Centers, Exhibitions, Attractions, Corporate Events, Institutions and Organizations. Since 2006, Metaphor has produced films in almost every field of media using almost every innovative technology.

Prominent feature? We love what we do, and do what we love. Without compromises, but with a little help of an everlasting crush on cinema… it’s always important for us to get the best result – no matter if the film is screened in a conference room or at the Cannes Film Festival.

What can we do? Basically, everything – from concept and script writing, through filming, editing and post production, all the way to the premiere. Thanks to the human and professional variety of the Metaphor family members, each project is assigned a dedicated team that accompanies it from start to finish.

Is it good? Judge for yourself, for us the quality of the final product is the goal for which we are willing to go far, very far… even overseas.

Wait what, can you film internationally? Sure as hell! In recent years, Metaphor has become one of the leading companies in Israel in providing international production services. We have two active branches in Ukraine and our producers in the field will be happy to find the perfect location, film crew, actors and art. So, if you think your Hollywood level dream is unreachable… it’s worth checking with us first. Chances are that we can make your dream come true.

Last but not least? Another important thing to know about us: We are very good friends, for many years, the whole team. Friends not as a slogan, but real friends, even outside work. It is our uniqueness, advantage and strength – and that is what allows us to continue to create together in mutual fertilization and warm heart.

That’s it? Hmm, we make good coffee and the best bakery in town is around the corner. But if that’s not enough, then besides a full production of films, we provide content writing for a variety of fields and creative consulting for organizations and institutions. We also have some secrets and surprises up our sleeve, but we’ll leave that to a private conversation.

The Team
Hila Guy

With an irreplaceable production experience, she can reinvent from scratch not only the schedule or the budget, but the multiplication table itself. With a steady hand, but with open mind, human warmth and a brilliant smile – she navigates through the imaginary fields and keeps everyone safe from crossing the dead line. So, regarding your question: yes, we are controlled by a woman as well.

Ronen Machlis-Balzam
Head of Cinema & TV

Behind Ronen’s broad back lies many sparks, which he gently and resolutely gathers in the fields of Israeli cinema. According to filmmakers testimony, he is among the few producers who know how to give them a sense of security and responsibility, as well as a creative compass, a psychological outlook, a shoulder for tears and a punch that can shake the table in the right moment. In addition to film awards, he sometimes cooks gourmet meals – a whole artistic category by itself.

Emanuel Shechter
International Production

After endlessly conducting field productions in Israel and proving himself one of the top in the field, Emanuel decided to move beyond the boundaries of the Holy Land. Today, he divides his time between conferences in the Far East, festivals in America, and location tours in Europe, continuing to accumulate frequent flyer points (no, wer’e not jealous, certainly not). So if you need a modern airport, a Roman fortress, a magic laboratory or a 19th century ballroom – Emanuel is the right man to stand next to you on the first shooting day.

Simon Shechter
Creative director

The main Metaphor writer, who is usually required to build towers of words upon lives and work of others. In this particular case, he prefers to spare some letters, disperse some fog and remain enigmatic … at least until the down payment.

Yuval Haimovich – Zuser

The red aura of burning creativity is felt in a not-so-small radius around Yuval, our main director and the man who has been the wind in our sails ever since Metaphor was founded. In addition to being responsible for the creation of many documentaries and exhibitions for museums and visitor centers, he is also known as a historical myth-shattering enthusiast and the man who sacrificed a glorious career in the sport channel – for filmmaking. You won’t find anyone better to cry with, while watching a dramatic scene.

Vlad Povolotzky
Sound Designer

A little while before he became our musician, he was a childhood friend. That’s why he is designing the soundtrack of our lives for the past 30 years. Ah, and there is this little thing of him having a diploma with excellence from Berkley music College, being a brilliant Jazz performer, with more than a decade of professional experience of composing and sound editing for films in Israel and abroad.