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We are constantly asked what films you are we looking for as a production company. Our answer is always the same one: movies that make a difference! Movies that are changing our consciousness, reality and the world around us. And we have no better tool for achieving that change than emotion. So, one could say that Metaphor carved on its flag the making of meaningful films that are emotionally breathtaking… and vice versa. For us, versatility (or at least duality) of the perspective – is fundamental for a real and profound film.

Whether it is a feature film, documentary, television series or a short – we are looking for filmmakers with a clear, honest and true statement, with an interesting cinematic expression. Feel free to contact us with your dreams – we would love to read and explore options for collaborative work.

Women In Battle

Egypt, A Love Song

Wait For Me


Back to Chernobyl

Ghetto Uprising – The Untold Story

Second Life

Casino Vintage

Mistake Guide to India

My Sunshine


A Lone Streetlight

Blowing In The Wind


The Artistic Wonderer



Ronen Machlis – Balzam
Head of Cinema & TV

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    Have an interesting project?

      Ronen Machlis – Balzam
      Cinema & TV

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